For 16 years, Good Sports’ focus has been giving more kids the opportunity to play by providing new youth sports equipment, footwear and apparel to those in need. As the gap between the “haves” and the “have nots” continues to widen and more kids are stuck on the sidelines due to rising costs, Good Sports is committed to not only reducing the financial burden of youth sports for families, but making sure parents and kids understand that playing sports is a vital part of growing up.

We already know that sports and physical activity are vitally important in the lives of kids, but there are still too many hurdles for girls and young women when it comes to opportunity to play.

Studies show girls are dropping out of sports at twice the rate of boys by age 14. Many of these young athletes drop out due to cost and access.

A study comparing gender equity in high school sports found concerning results– 53 athletic opportunities were offered for every 100 boys, compared with 41 opportunities for every 100 girls in the U.S.

Girls need sports. Playing sports create opportunities for girls and can help prepare them for a life of success. Specifically, we know sports unlock lifelong benefits like increased confidence, improved classroom performance, new friendships and leadership experience.

That’s why Good Sports has launched “She Who Plays,” a campaign designed to support new and equitable access to sport for girls nationwide. This isn’t just about raising awareness — Good Sports is committed to donating $3 million in brand-new sports and fitness equipment, apparel and footwear over three years to directly impact young female athletes.

We understand the need and we are focused on solutions. “She Who Plays” will amplify our impact and open the door for more girls across the country to try traditional and nontraditional sports.   Here is how we are going to do it—and how you can help:

Sporting Goods:

Good Sports is partnering with the sporting goods industry to secure products focused on girls and young women to lift the barriers to play. We are seeking to meet specific needs like sports bras, appropriately sized equipment for girls’ sports, and uniforms and footwear geared toward girls in both sizing and design.

Philanthropic Partners:

Good Sports is working with philanthropic partners including corporations, foundations and individuals to support specific projects focused on young female athletes.  Options to help include, donating funds for a new girls’ flag football league or matching the options for equality in school sports programming.


Good Sports is also partnering with strong female ambassadors who will use their voices to promote “She Who Plays” and raise awareness around why giving girls the opportunity to play sports is so important.  These women care about the future of sports and not only strive every day to keep the gains we’ve made in this space but strive to progress it forward.

We hope you will join us on this campaign to level the playing field for all girls in need across the country.