100 Helmet Challenge


The National Athletic Equipment Reconditioning Association no longer recondition helmets 10 years of age or older.

However, many youth teams are unable to afford new helmets. Some teams are reluctant to send helmets to be reconditioned, afraid that older helmets will not be returned, forcing them to cut players.

At Good Sports, keeping kids in the game and providing them the equipment they need to play has always been our top priority. Our goal is to get 100 out-dated football helmets off the field by donating 100 brand new helmets. 

Every $125 donation will allow us to donate one youth football helmet.

Visit our fundraising page to help us get out-dated helmets off the field and get new helmets on the heads of the players who need them.


Promoting Physical Education

Fit Kids Foundation 004

Less than 10% of US schools provide daily physical education to all of its students. With the childhood obesity rate at an all time high, physical education programs are needed more than ever.

Our goal is to donate 100 fitness kits to schools that need them the most. One kit could change the lives of hundreds of youth. Help us reach our goal by visiting our fundraising page and help us bring physical education

Here is what we can donate with your help!

  • For every $50 we can donate an Elementary School Kit that includes hula hoops, jump ropes and playground balls!
  • For every $75 we can donate a Middle School Kit that includes pedometers, yoga mats and cones!
  • For every $100 we can donate a High School Kit that includes sports balls, medicine balls and pinnies