Connor Marc-Aurele

Fast Fact

During my senior year at Salem State, my rugby team won the 2016 Small College Rugby National Championship.

  • Position

    Associate, Corporate Partners

  • Sports Idol

    Julian Edelman

  • At-Bat Song

    Feeling This – Blink-182

  • Career Highlights

    Started with Good Sports in July of 2021.  Connor attended the University of Tennessee where he received his master’s in Recreation and Sport Management, while receiving his Bachelor’s in Recreation and Sport Management from Salem State University. While at Salem State, Connor captained the rugby team for four years.

    Prior to Good Sports, Connor worked 3 years for the YMCA as a Program Director and then Senior Director of Youth Development, respectively.  Connor is an avid Patriots fan and enjoys golfing, exercise, spending time with friends, and a good podcast.