Kim Herrig

Fast Fact

I attended the 1st Annual Bill Belichick Foundation event to receive their inaugural gift as a representative of MetroLacrosse.  It was very cool to meet Coach but meeting Tedy Bruschi was the highlight.

  • Position

    Financial Controller

  • Sports Idol

    Pat Summit

  • At-Bat Song

    March March – The Chicks

  • Career Highlights

    Kim joined Good Sports in September 2022 as the Financial Controller. Prior to joining Good Sports, Kim was the Managing Director of Finance for UP Education Network, a nonprofit charter school network.  The majority of Kim’s career has been in mission-driven non-profit organizations where advocacy for equal access and opportunity in education, health care, mental health support and sport is at the forefront. As a lifelong athlete Kim has witnessed the power of sport to change lives. When her childhood dream of playing tackle football came to fruition as an adult she was reminded, once again, how important opportunity is and remains committed to ensuring that all children are given the chance to play.