Selamani Ngaruko

Fast Fact

I was in Germany 2014 when Germany won the 2014 World Cup. I played summer scrimmage against Byron Munich reserves 2014. Played college soccer NAIA division I. Born in West Africa Guinea, and grew up in Texas. I speak three languages (English, Fulani, French).

  • Position

    Associate, Corporate Partnerships

  • Sports Idol

    Zinedine Zidane & Lionel Messi

  • At-Bat Song


  • Career Highlights

    I spent most of my career in sports worked with the US Soccer Federation in the Nike youth tournament also worked with in the MLS  New England Revolution, as well as the Dallas Cowboys play 60 in my earlier time within the Youth Education Department. Also worked with Fanatic and their PCM team jerseys in apparel. And with NBA San Antonio Spurs project brand engagement. I have played and almost every level in soccer club, college, professional, and semi professional teams. I’m a graduate of Northeastern Masters as well as Southwestern Bachelors. I’m excited to be part of Good Sports, and proud to make an impact within the communities.