It has officially been one year since I graduated college and started my first “real” job here at Good Sports. And boy has the time flown. I have learned so much in this short amount of time, both professional talents and life skills. Below are a few lessons that have really stuck with me in these 12 or so months as a “real” person.

1. There is still so much to learn

As I mentioned, I’ve already learned a lot – but what I can and do continue to learn every day is astonishing. With marketing strategies constantly changing, events taking place every few months and a company that is growing rapidly, there is never a moment where I am not gaining new knowledge. Whether it relates directly to my job or happens to be a “life-hack” that gets me through a work day, the learning really never stops!

2. “It’s going to be ok”

The biggest event Good Sports hosts – the annual Legends of the Ball in Boston – was the first major event I had ever taken a large role in planning. I was feeling confident leading up to and even the morning of the event, until everything (in my eyes) seemed to start going wrong. The perfectionist inside me started to panic, and every so often, my manager would notice and come up to me, look me in the eyes and say “it’s going to be ok”. And it was. And still is.

That one sentence has been applicable throughout my entire journey with Good Sports so far. I’ve learned that not everything is going to work out exactly the way you planned, no matter how hard you try, but your own hard work and the support of an awesome team in your coworkers will ultimately make it all ok.

3. Be wrong every once in a while

Good Sports has taught me to voice what I am thinking based on my own opinions or research, even if it may be “wrong”. Working with a team involves brainstorming, working and reworking projects and continuing to develop best practices. It’s never going to be perfect on the first try, but that’s the beauty of it; you will always have a colleague or another idea that will make it even better and turn it into exactly what it needs to be.

4. Vacation days are meant to be used

Yes, it is important to do your work in a timely and efficient manner, and you will eventually fall into a rhythm of knowing what you need to get done, how to do it and what time to allot yourself. But your happiness and well-being contributes to how well you do that work and how motivated you are to continue to work hard. So use ALL your vacation days – and don’t check your email while you’re using them (something I’m still trying to do better)! Use them for fun trips, for lounging at home or for taking some time to spend with family or friends. Rejuvenate every once in a while, and you’ll always feel refreshed and ready to tackle the next thing.

5. The real world isn’t so bad

Like most people, the thought of leaving the sanctuary that was college and embarking on a journey into the “real world” as an actual professional was the most terrifying thing that I thought would ever happen to me. But as it turns out, has actually been the best, most rewarding, exciting, educational, scary, but thrilling experience of my life – and it’s only just the beginning.

So remember to always keep your mind open. Be wrong. Balance your time. And most importantly, have fun.

– Samantha Christopher, Events and Marketing Assitant