Meet Our Spokesperson: Jesse Palmer

“Sports have made a major impact in my life, both on the field and in front of the camera.  Growing up, I was lucky enough to engage in youth and school sports and I know those opportunities were critical in shaping who I am today.” – Jesse Palmer

Described as infectiously enthusiastic, Jesse Palmer is a former NFL quarterback turned TV personality who loves sports, traveling, cooking and hanging with Tuuli, his French bulldog.

Jesse hails from Ottawa, Canada, growing up in a football family with a CFL veteran linebacker for a father. After receiving a scholarship to the University of Florida, Jesse played quarterback for the Gators and received a leadership and courage award as a Senior Captain. Jesse’s ambition wasn’t confined to the football field, as he graduated with degrees in political science and marketing.

The New York Giants drafted Jesse in 2001, where he played for four seasons. After dabbling with the San Francisco 49ers, Jesse traded the field for a broadcast studio and began his career as a game analyst for Fox, NFL Network and most notably, ESPN’s SEC Network. He currently covers 2 games a week on ESPN making his face well known during the college football season.  Additionally, Jesse was most recently named the new host of hit television show, The Bachelor.

Jesse’s career reflects his perseverance, zeal for life and variety of hobbies and interests. He has the eloquence, fun personality and passion for sports that makes him a great fit to work with Good Sports.

With Jesse on our team, we will work together to increase awareness of Good Sports and address the decline in youth sports participation across the country.

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