Our perspective of normalcy continues to change amidst COVID-19. While the economy does its best to balance on the world’s thinnest tightrope, the status of charitable giving is steadfast. In fact, 54% of donors plan to maintain their giving levels and another 25% plan to increase what they already give.[1] With fewer in-person opportunities to volunteer, fundraising has become a major lifeline for both supporters and organizations in 2020 to stay connected and serve their communities.

Your efforts so far this year have helped Good Sports tremendously in creating more access than ever before in youth sports. This is a critical time to help schools, youth programs and community organizations keep their children engaged whether it is physically-distant on a soccer field or through virtual PE classes. As you look for one final way to help make 2020 a bit brighter, we hopefully can generate some ideas to keep you involved with Good Sports.


We know that while you love all sports, you may have a soft spot for a particular game – especially one that you grew up playing. While opportunities to coach soccer or ref a basketball game are rarer these days, you can still give back to the sport you have always loved. Our Equip-A-Kid platform gives you the opportunity to donate towards your favorite sports by selecting individual gear that we can get to a child in need. Choose between eight activities, including softball, tennis and even PE. You can also make this an ongoing fundraiser for a Mitzvah project, a birthday goal, or as part of your wish list to others for end of the year gifts. Reach out to us personally at info@goodsports.org to get started on a personal fundraiser! This is also an easy and fun way to come together – while apart – with your co-workers, which you can learn more about below.


Depending on how your company has fared through the pandemic, there may be an opportunity for your whole team to support Good Sports. Look into your company’s philanthropic and employee engagement priorities and talk to your supervisor about an Equip-A-Kid fundraiser. And since volunteering isn’t on the table this year, remind them that a group donation is a significant way to keep morale up in such a critical time. To get started or just ask some questions about Equip-A-Kid, reached to Rebecca Lynch at rlynch@goodsports.org.


PayPal makes it easy for people to give to many charities through their Giving Fund, ensuring that your donation goes to its intended place in full. There are no fees or deductions added by PayPal. It’s a very transparent way to see that your donation goes to the mission you have passion for. Log into your PayPal account and set your Preferred Charity to Good Sports to be given a chance to donate a dollar at checkout or make a direct donation through PayPal Giving Fund.


As you fulfill your holiday (or well-deserved selfcare) gift list, you can help Good Sports through your shopping. AmazonSmile gives shoppers the opportunity to give to their favorite organizations at no extra cost. When you shop starting from the AmazonSmile platform, 0.5% of your eligible purchases could go to Good Sports – at no added cost to you! So, you shouldn’t feel any ounce of guilt when you get yourself that adult unicorn onesie with feet!

[1] COVID-19 And Philanthropy – Fidelity Charitable, March 2020