Ever wonder how the Good Sports team manages and maintains all of the great equipment we receive and send out to the many programs we are able to support?

Once a week, many of the Good Sports staff members travel to our warehouse (located just a few towns away from our office in Massachusetts) in order to pack and ship the many different items that we send out to organizations each week. It is all about teamwork, as we have everyone – from managers to program assistants to co-ops and interns – pitching in to ensure that all of our valued community leaders receive exactly what they are asking for. This is also where we receive shipments of equipment that are delivered to us from the various equipment manufacturers who provide us with so many great items.

Most importantly, this is where we get to see our whole donation process come to fruition, as we are able to watch the items we donate to each program go out on their way to their final destination.

Check out the video below that we’ve put together in order to give you an inside look at the Good Sports warehouse experience!