Did you ever think you’d hear anyone say the words: “I love my cubicle!” Believe it or not, that has been the buzz around the brand new Good Sports office.

Follow me as I take you through our journey to Suite 204.

The Good Sports staff has been growing rapidly since the middle of 2014, and our original office space was quickly becoming too small. Monday morning staff meetings were standing room only, and we were running out of extra laptops and desk space. So, in November, we moved to a huge temporary space on the fourth floor of the building while we were waiting for a brand new office to be built out on another floor of the same building.

The temporary office certainly had enough space to accommodate our staff, both old and new, but the space itself was not conducive to our team mentality and it cramped the creative nature of the Good Sports staff. Individual offices were spread out far and wide, and finding the space to effectively brainstorm together was often a challenge. We managed, but the anticipation of moving into our current space was growing every day.

Why would we be so anxious to move into our new space, you may ask? Well, during our stay in the temporary office, only a few select staff members were working on building out the new space, which included the entire layout, design, and choice of furniture; everything was a complete and total secret to the rest of the team. We would all try to sneak peeks as we walked by the space on our way out to the parking garage, but they taped up the windows and kept the door locked. Rumors were circling about what we ought to expect, but nobody really knew.

Thursday, March 12, marked the day that the movers came to take the majority of our belongings down to our new space, but we had to wait until Monday, March 16, to actually see our new home. On that Monday morning, we gathered as a team outside the door to Suite 204 at 10:00 a.m. and waited for the grand unveiling.

Then the door opened, and we were instantly impressed.

Our new space is warm and welcoming, featuring murals that represent the work we do and inspire creativity. Our staff can now work together more closely in our open and bright new cubicle space. Lunch at our desk is not even an option anymore with a big island and comfortable stools available for our use. Meeting spaces are abundant as well, from couches to offices to a no-longer-standing-room-only conference room. There is even a TV, which allows us to Skype and see our Chicago Market Director, Dave Whorton, instead of only being able to host meetings with him via telephone.

The Good Sports team has always worked well together and we truly represent what a team really is! This new office space complements us and our mission perfectly, and we are excited to see where this new space takes us!

Take a look!






**Big thank you to the office move team, Mike, Chris, Danielle, Alyssa and Christy who perfectly understood the needs of their coworkers and showed just how much they care in the little touches around the office!

– Sam Christopher, Events and Marketing Assistant