We’re proud to announce a brand new way for you and your families to join us in making sure all children have the chance to be active and healthy!

Equip-a-Kid is a unique way to give online. Our “store” allows you to hand-pick brand new equipment, apparel, and footwear from one or more sports. You “buy” the items, and we donate them to kids in need across the country. You can help a child feel like part of the team by providing a uniform, or supply equipment for practice or game day. Whether it’s one uniform or 20 soccer balls, you have the power to change a child’s life!

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How It Works: Thanks to our equipment partners generous support, we are able to provide brand new sports gear to programs. The equipment we are able to distribute is determined by the type of donations we receive from these supporters. You can play a role in how much of a certain type of equipment we are able to donate when you use Equip-A-Kid. Want to make sure there’s always a store of basketballs ready to go? Head to our basketball page and donate some! You hand-pick the gear, and we supply it to the programs most in need. Learn more about the Good Sports model here.

Why Donate to Good Sports? Youth sports are moving to a pay-to-play model that leaves low income families out of the picture. Children in low-earning households are twice as likely to quit a sport due to cost than those from high-earning households (source). Overall, just one in three kids gets the recommended amount of physical activity per day. We believe that all kids deserve the chance to play, and that cost should never be a barrier to being part of the team. We work with athletic directors, team leaders, and coaches to supply exactly the equipment they need to get all kids on the field. In 2016, 68% of the programs we worked with reported an increase in number of minutes of play, with an average uptick of 53 minutes! Your participation in Equip-A-Kid allows us to increase the number of kids we serve.

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