It’s finally that time of year to kick off the giving season and get in the holiday spirit!  

The holidays are a time to be grateful for all that we have and give back to the causes and communities we care most about. At Good Sports, we know we would not be able to accomplish our goals without the generosity, enthusiasm, and involvement of our committed supporters. The donations we receive can make a lasting impact on a kid in need and ultimately, change their life for the better.   

With the evolution of social media, there are many ways to give back on various platforms. Below we’ve highlighted some ways for you to support Good Sports this holiday season across the social media landscape:  

1. Donate on Facebook 

With one simple click, you can donate to Good Sports directly on Facebook. When you head over to our Facebook page, click the blue “Donate” button on the right-hand side. Enter the donation amount, your payment method and tap “Donate.” 

2. Create a Fundraiser on Facebook 

You can easily create your own fundraiser through Facebook! To do so, go to our Facebook page and click the “Fundraisers” tab. Under “Create a Fundraiser” on the right-hand side, click “Raise Money” to begin creating your personal fundraiser. You’ll then have to fill out the following information: 

– How much money you want to raise
– When you want your fundraiser to end
– The title of your fundraiser
– A little blurb on why you are choosing to raise money 

Then click create and your fundraiser will be shared with your community! Also, you can encourage friends and family to share the fundraiser to their personal pages as well. The more people that see your fundraiser, the more support you’re likely to receive. 

3. Post An Instagram Story Donation Sticker 

One of the ways you can support Good Sports on Instagram is by searching for our username in the Donation Sticker search box and including us in your Instagram Story. All nonprofits receive 100% of the money raised as part of these donations. Placing a donation sticker on your Instagram story and tagging the nonprofit you support is an awesome way to raise awareness. 

A quick reminder that Instagram Stories only last for 24 hours, so be sure to let your followers know how much was raised at the end of the 24 hours! This type of engagement is a unique way to get your followers involved. 

4. Share a Post 

Let your community know that you are supporting Good Sports with a post of your own! You can share an image or even just some simple text creating awareness about the organization you are donating it and even include a direct link to one of our donation pages – Donate TodayDonate MonthlyEquip-A-Kid. 

If you don’t have the means to donate, you can still show support! Like or share our posts to your social media pages to help spread the word. 

Our supporters make it possible for us to create equitable access and opportunity for kids in need throughout the country. So, on behalf of the entire Good Sports team, we can’t thank YOU enough for your support in getting more youth athletes in the game! 

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