For 18 years, Good Sports’ focus has been giving more kids the opportunity to play by providing new sports equipment, footwear, and apparel to those in need.

But challenges still remain including gender equality in sports. The research is clear that girls play less sports than boys do and face many hurdles when it comes to being active. Girls are dropping out of sports at twice the rate of boys by age 14 – many of these young athletes drop out due to cost and access. Also, girls have 1.3 million fewer opportunities to play high school sports than boys have. This research clearly shows that there are severe discrepancies in access to youth sports for different genders. That is why Good Sports created She Who Plays, a campaign designed to support new and equitable access to sport for girls nationwide.   

Girls thrive when given the opportunity to participate in sports and can help prepare them for a life of success. Sports unlock lifelong benefits, such as improved health, classroom performance, self-esteem and a sense of camaraderie.  When girls don’t play, they miss out, so through this initiative, Good Sports aims to achieve the following: 

– Distribute $5 million in brand-new equipment, apparel, and footwear over the next three years;
– Increase access to play for 65,000 girls in need;
– Double the number of girls-only youth programs Good Sports serves;
– Create equitable access to sport for girls ages 8-14 with specific focus on Physical Education, school-based sports and recreational programs in high-need communities across the country.

We understand the need and are focused on solutions. She Who Plays is the next move in spearheading inclusion and will amplify our impact, as well as open the door for more girls across the country to try traditional and nontraditional sports. It is our responsibility to play a role in equipping girls with the passion and skills to be a force on the court, on the field and in life. Here’s our plan and how you can help: 

Philanthropic Partners 

Good Sports is working with philanthropic partners, including corporations, foundations, and individuals, to support giving more girls a chance to play.  We are seeking partners that are focused on gender equity and developing future female leaders.   

Sporting Goods 

Good Sports is partnering with the sporting goods industry to secure products focused on girls and young women to lift the barriers to play. We are seeking specific needs such as sports bras, appropriately sized and designed equipment, uniforms, and footwear. 


Good Sports is partnering with strong female ambassadors who will use their voices to promote She Who Plays and raise awareness around why giving girls the opportunity to play sports is so important.   

Together, we can make an impact and as one Good Sports community partner said, “This equipment allowed girls to participate in an activity that they normally wouldn’t have been able to due to the helmets. This allowed our girls to shine in playing a sport that they grew to love.”  

With your support, we can give this opportunity to more girls in need nationwide. We hope you will join us on this campaign to get our girls off the sidelines and into the game.  

Watch our She Who Plays video below and visit our page dedicated to all things She Who Plays to learn more.  

Spread the word on social media and tag @goodsportsinc. Use the hashtags #SheWhoPlays #GoodSports and #KidsWhoPlayBetterDoBetter. 

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Sources: Women’s Sports Foundation