From coaching to community organizing, giving back in the world of sports comes in many forms. Linda Holliday of the Bill Belichick Foundation took it all to the next level as she spent the afternoon with us packing boxes of brand new football equipment to ship out.

Linda is the Director of the Bill Belichick Foundation, a nonprofit that provides coaching, mentorship and financial support to individuals and organizations across the country. Joining up with our team at Good Sports in helping to disperse sporting equipment seemed like a no brainer. Even more so, this was Linda’s second year getting her hands dirty with us!

Linda got a thank you video from the athletes and coaches of Waynesville, a military community.

Packing up athletic equipment can be exhausting – have you ever tried to count and package fifty pairs of football gloves? – but it’s the heart and soul of what we do here at Good Sports. Gathering the goods from our Field House and then packing everything is daunting but being able to work with Linda was a physical reminder of both organization’s missions. Excellence in the nonprofit world is performed both behind a desk and with an industrial tape gun.

“We were incredibly thrilled to have Linda return to our Field House to help pack donations again this year!” remarked Kelsey Poole, Program Assistant. “We are donating to 5 wonderful youth football organizations in partnership with the Bill Belichick Foundation. Linda was not afraid to dive right in and pack equipment. Her help is truly appreciated and certainly expedited the packing process. We look forward to the future of this partnership and positive impact we can continue to make together!”