November is quickly approaching, and here at Good Sports, that means we’re gearing up for our 4th Annual Virtual Turkey Trot! This year’s Turkey Trot is presented by PlayFly Sports and Prendio.

Here at Good Sports, we love the beauty of a virtual race, because that means people from anywhere, can participate and get in on all the fun! Now, because you may not be running, walking, or trotting along with a crowd of people, doesn’t mean it can’t be a memorable race. Here are some ways to make this year’s Turkey Trot a meaningful one:

Dress Up

If you’re in the mood to get creative, dressing up is always an option! Whether it’s a full-on turkey costume, a drumstick headband, or festive socks, getting in the spirit is always fun.

Take Pictures

Capture these special moments! Along your trot, whip out that phone of yours, and snap some selfies. If wearing your Good Sports Turkey Trot shirt, be sure to share your selfie on social for a chance to be featured!

Make A Fun Playlist

Everyone loves a good pump-up playlist, right? A hype playlist can get your adrenaline pumping or push you through the last few miles.

Recruit Family or Friends

Bring a buddy or two! If you’re running and need a motivator or walking and want someone to chat with, recruit some family or friends to be by your side on race day!

Plan Out Your Route

If possible, plan out your route ahead of time! Maybe there’s a park you always enjoying walking by, or a beach or lake that you’ve spent some time at. Whatever it may be, planning out your route is a good way to get you excited for trot day!

We hope your Turkey Trot is filled with gratitude, good memories, and a delicious feast as your reward!

Sound fun? Join us for our Fourth Annual Turkey Trot and sign up HERE

Shoutout to our Presenting Sponsors: Playfly Sports and Prendio

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