ICYMI – we’re a nonprofit that gives kids the opportunity to play sports and be active by donating brand new sports equipment. And since we work with so many youth programs, we learn about some very unique donation recipients. Today, we’re going to flip the script and give you the story of something else entirely. We’re bringing you the exceptional story of two donors, instead.

And they’re only thirteen.

OK, well – they just turned thirteen. But that’s the last time their ages will come into play. Danny and Jordan of Chicago decided hosted a charity basketball game in honor of their upcoming bar mitzvahs. Grand total in donations to Good Sports?

More than $2,000.

The boys, who have been friends since kindergarten, chose to donate to Good Sports’ Equip-A-Kid tool. Equip-A-Kid gives any donor the power to choose where their donation goes: soccer cleats, a football helmet, lacrosse sticks. With up to ten sports and 30 pieces of equipment to choose from, there are so many ways to make a difference.

We want to share with you who Danny and Jordan are because they’re exemplary role models and, of course, lovers of sports!

How did you decide you wanted to give back to kids in sports?

Danny: Sports has always been my passion. And I’ve always wanted to help give kids a chance to play.
Jordan: Sports are what I spend all of my free time doing. I wanted kids that aren’t as fortunate as me to be able to play, too.

Why are play and sports important for kids?

Danny: All kids should have fun. It also helps with fitness and staying in shape. Also, teamwork is an important skill to have in life, and play and sports encourages this.

What sports do you play?

Danny: I play flag football, soccer, and tennis. I also enjoy basketball.
Jordan: I play basketball and golf, but I love all sports.

 How did you hear about Good Sports?

Danny: I was looking for a good cause for my mitzvah project, and Good Sports seemed to be exactly what I was looking for.
Jordan: When I heard what Good Sports did, I wanted to raise money for it too.

When people donate to Good Sports, they are helping us find brand new equipment to go to schools, community centers, and town leagues of all sports. Why do you think new equipment is important for kids?

Jordan: It makes sure that no one feels any different.  They feel just like a regular kid!

At Good Sports, we talk about how athletics will help our kids as they grow up: healthy habits, teamwork skills, relationship building, even goal setting. Sometimes we forget those benefits matter when our kids are still kids!

“Danny’s love for sports began almost as birth it feels,” said Mileen, Danny’s mother. “His understanding of how sports are played – rules, strategies and teamwork… definitely has positively shaped him overall as a player and teammate.”

Lauren, Jordan’s mom, agreed and appreciated the goodwill aspect, and its effect on both boys.

“I loved that our boys got actually pick out specific equipment to help less fortunate kids,” she recalled.”

Equip-A-Kid does just that – it’s a way for Good Sports supporters to take their passion for sports to a level of charity that is both transparent and meaningful. It’s empowering – and reassuring – to see how specific dollars will help individual kids.

“I loved the focus on equipment for Equip-A-Kid,” Mileen continued. “It’s one thing to just write a check and hope it goes towards something good. I love that it is important for Good Sports to provide for specific needs that overall increase participation and encourage a positive experience. The boys loved selecting the exact equipment to donate, and it is very relatable to them!”

Danny and Jordan are a lot like the young people we are working for: kids who have a love for sports and being active. But they already have the tools they need to stay active. Danny and Jordan’s commitment to making sure other kids their own age get the same opportunity is the definition of good will all on its own.

Happy birthday, boys! (Oh, and Mazel Tov!)