The chance to play and coach in sports transforms individuals and their communities. Many families honor the legacy of a lost loved one through fundraising for Good Sports. Here are two of their stories:

Remembering Kent

After losing her son, Kent, last fall, Jennifer and her family and friends created and sold t-shirts, with 100% of proceeds benefitting Good Sports. Jennifer said, “Kent was given the opportunity to participate in many sports at a young age including wrestling, baseball, lacrosse, soccer, basketball and track…He learned and demonstrated commitment, determination, camaraderie, a strong sense of playing for the ‘team’, lifetime friendships and setting goals. Kent grew as a leader and a role model, and a person with purpose. Through sports, he learned to love fun competition which carried over into many school events, good grades and leadership roles. Kent was happiest playing sports with good friends.”

Kent’s family wanted to give the kids in need the same positive benefits he experienced. Jennifer said, “Good Sports was chosen as a fundraiser in Kent’s memory because it represents what Kent felt was important in a young person’s life: through sports, many challenges and difficulties in one’s life can be overcome and strong personal qualities developed. One of Kent‘s endearing traits was that he consistently made other teammates feel special and important to the team. Those that knew him say he will always be remembered by his kindness and positive leadership qualities on and off the field/court.”

With the funds raised for Good Sports in Kent’s memory, more kids will be given the chance to play and experience the lifelong benefits of sports!

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Paying It Forward for Coach Marty

Marty was a longtime manager of a sporting goods store and was known in his community for coaching soccer and volunteering at the school. His wife, Gwen, said, “His favorite part was outfitting kids who were new to a sport, and I think it’s fair to say he probably calmed a lot of nervous kids and parents over the years, telling them about all the fun they should expect to have.”

As a youth soccer coach for 17 years, Marty helped countless children experience the joy and benefits of sports. His family has received many condolence messages from former players praising Marty for the life lessons they learned from him through soccer. Gwen said, “When he wasn’t coaching, we watched our own boys play soccer and hockey. He was an ardent fan and loved to see hustle and hard work.”

Marty’s family recommended donations to Good Sports in his honor. Gwen said, “We are so pleased as the organization is so in tune with how he viewed life, right down to the Good Sports name! We are honored to be able to support Good Sports and that, through Marty’s passing, many others have also learned about Good Sports’ work.”

With the funds raised, Good Sports will be able to reach more kids while supporting other community leaders, like Marty, who need equipment resources to better support youth in their communities.

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Good Sports is honored to play a role in celebrating Kent and Marty’s lives. Their legacy will continue on in the children Good Sports helps get in the game!