Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can happen to anyone, at anytime, without warning. On or off the field, be it a coach or a child, SCA doesn’t discriminate by age. If someone collapses, is unconscious and not breathing, they may be experiencing SCA. The best chance of survival is immediately beginning CPR and having an AED (automatic external defibrillator) on hand. If used within the first minute of SCA, that person’s survival rate is close to 90%. An AED is a necessary tool for any athletic program. Besides, many states require an operating AED be available within a facility.

That’s why a recent donation from ZOLL Medical Corporation is another way we’re helping to make a difference in the world of youth athletic organizations. A leader in healthcare technology, ZOLL provides high-quality products that help healthcare professionals, emergency responders and everyday people to help save thousands of lives every year. When it comes to kids who are physically active, ZOLL knows that it’s vital to have an AED present. With the company’s donation of brand new AEDs, we are able to help multiple youth organizations save upwards of thousands of dollars.

At Good Sports, we meet programs that already deal with heavy budget cuts and fallout from socioeconomics. We look at items like AEDs the same way we look at new soccer goals, baseball uniforms and hockey helmets. Having ZOLL provide this donation creates a sense of comfort for many groups.

“Having an AED is a huge thing for us,” says Jacqueline Marte-Dilone, Treasurer of Suenos Basketball. The Massachusetts-based program offers athletic and educational opportunities to local youth from the ages of 6 to 17. “It’s a wonderful opportunity,” she continues, “because an AED is not in our budget.”

Our mission is to assist youth athletic programs – programs that fight against budget cuts to bolster up local kids. The leaders of these organizations far too often have to cut out uniforms, charge higher league fees, and even re-use gear far beyond their expiration date: all to do whatever they can to make the season an enjoyable one for each child. The sense of security that comes with a brand new AED is totally priceless in the name of preparation.