There’s a certain je ne sais quoi feeling about giving back when it means we get to move beyond our work desk.  If we’re going with a scientific approach, an American Charities survey found 71% of employees say it’s imperative to work where culture is supportive of giving and volunteering.

It’s hard to deny such an overwhelming statistic.

Liberty Mutual most definitely recognizes the importance of employees volunteering in their community. The company’s annual program ‘Serve With Liberty’ encourages employees to pick from a variety of nonprofit organizations to volunteer with.

They call themselves Torchbearers. We couldn’t agree more.


Good Sports hosted 28 Liberty Mutual employees over six days. They all came to our warehouse and helped fulfill equipment donations for youth programs across the country.

How does the packing work? We call it a “Pick & Pack.” In our 20,000 square-foot warehouse, our team must find individual items per a youth program’s request– everything must be the right size and color – pack them up, and ship everything out as soon as possible. A single Good Sports employee probably does this procedure about five or six times a day. With Liberty Mutual employees by our side, we were able to serve more kids and get more shipments out the door.

And it’s not just the quickness in sending everything out. The impact goes beyond receiving a box of new athletic gear. With extra gloves, it means less standing around at softball practice. Now, every girl can work on fielding grounders at the same time rather than waiting in line. New cleats means the sixth grader who had a major growth spurt doesn’t have to scrunch his toes into shoes two sizes too small. Imagine how much quicker he’ll run in cleats that actually fit.

In these six days, our combined efforts impacted 52 different youth programs across the United States. Breaking down the individual numbers, Liberty Mutual impacted 10,627 kids. That’s just the start of the numbers. Our infographic gives a perfect snapshot of the influence from this year’s Serve With Liberty.

By now, these Torchbearers are back at their desks doing the good they do everyday: helping people. When we think about it, our day-to-day is to help other people in a variety of facets. Good Sports was happy to give Liberty Mutual employees a different way of doing so. Thank you for helping us get more kids off the sidelines and into the game. See you next year!