What does a brand-new ball or uniform mean to a kid who has never held one? Everything.

Become a Goal Maker

Did you know that youth from higher-income households are nearly three times as likely to be physically active compared to youth from low-income households?¹ Now more than ever, we need to tackle this barrier. Good Sports’ Goal Makers are a team of monthly donors who are passionate about giving the gift of sports and physical activity to kids in need across the country.

Good Sports increases access to youth sports and physical activity by donating brand-new equipment to organizations in high-need communities. Since 2003, we have donated over $69 million in equipment across the U.S. to support eight million kids in need. There are still plenty of kids we must get in the game.

Impact Examples

Your monthly contribution will support Good Sports’ mission to donate equipment, footwear and apparel to children in need. Here are examples of annual impact from your monthly donations:


Help outfit a kid for tennis


Provide enough volleyballs for a program to introduce the sport


Give a program 15 soccer balls & a pop-up goal set


Equip a baseball team with gloves & uniforms


Give two basketball teams one ball per player & uniforms


Provide five P.E. classes with enough play equipment to get all kids moving

¹Aspen Institute, 2018.