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Sport for Good ATL

GEORGIA - Children and families of Atlanta’s Westside community have been acutely impacted by COVID-19 with some opportunities for youth on hold or disappearing. With many parents out of work, or working less, children faced not having a safe space for physical activity. Combined efforts from from Good Sports and Laureus and the Arthur M Blank Foundation helped Sport for Good Atlanta put together 300 Play Packs for kids throughout the Greater Atlanta area helping kids stay active and safe through the summer months.

Suenos Basketball

MASSACHUSETTS - With new equipment, Suenos' budget caught a major break. This means more children can participate without having to share gear. And since more finances were saved via the donation, Suenos has been able to advocate for their kids more directly. One athlete, coming from a single-parent home, was at risk of not being able to afford both participant and tournament fees. With now more available finances, Suenos was able to pay for the child's tournament participation.


CHICAGO - Having a new girls softball team seemed out of the question for BASE in 2020. However, with new gear from Good Sports, the program was able to take financial pressure off participants and suit up an upcoming team of girls for softball. Even though some parents had lost their jobs due to the pandemic and their financial outlook was less stable, these girls had new found confidence through matching uniforms and proper training gear.

Wildhorse Soccer

MONTANA - With new soccer equipment, Wildhorse Youth Soccer was able to expand its outreach to the Flathead Indian Reservation, where there had been no such programming in ten years. The donation also helped the organization allocate finances for COVID-19 items, like hand sanitizer, as well as keep programming costs low for participants. The brand new sports equipment enabled Wildhorse to reach more kids in new areas, while still being able to adhere to high safety standards.

Detroit Phoenix Center

MICHIGAN - A grandmother raising ten children on her own now can see every single grandchild participate in sports partly in thanks to a recent equipment donation to this Detroit-based program. With more gear, the program leaders have been able to engage more young people, specifically with items they can take home and use in virtual sessions.

Dallas County Juvenile Department

TEXAS - Determined and hopeful, many young people in this program are working on bettering themselves prior to release. Leaders in this organization have cited basketball as a bridge between their kids who already have overcome so much. Their commitment to the sport is longstanding with many hopeful to join local teams later on, making a donation of practice gear, game wear and shoes all the more valuable.