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¹Since May 26, 2020

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Sport for Good ATL

GEORGIA - Children and families of Atlanta’s Westside community have been acutely impacted by COVID-19 with some opportunities for youth on hold or disappearing. With many parents out of work, or working less, children faced not having a safe space for physical activity. A joint donation from Good Sports and Laureus helped Sport for Good Atlanta put together 300 Play Packs for kids throughout the Greater Atlanta area helping kids stay active and safe through the summer months.

Fred Wells Tennis

MINNESOTA - A 100% free program to kids, the organization had to cancel three fundraising events as the pandemic hit. Efforts were shifted to food delivery and virtual practices as most athletes lived in areas heavily impacted by systematic racism where many grocery stores and schools were closed. A Good Sports donation of apparel gave the kids of Fred Wells Tennis more independence to play individually or with their families.

Dieruff High School

PENNSYLVANIA - A Good Sports donation is helping Dieruff High School create long term plans to keep their kids active. New equipment is helping them to provide opportunities of play for more students while also keeping them safe. And the new sports gear frees up finances within the school so they can update their facilities over time.

Suenos Basketball

MASSACHUSETTS - With new equipment, Suenos' budget caught a major break. This means more children can participate without having to share gear. And since more finances were saved via the donation, Suenos has been able to advocate for their kids more directly. One athlete, coming from a single-parent home, was at risk of not being able to afford both participant and tournament fees. With now more available finances, Suenos was able to pay for the child's tournament participation.

Cheektowaga Baseball

NEW YORK - In upstate New York, Cheektowaga Youth Baseball has had to spend over $2,500 on hand sanitizer, equipment disinfectant, and additional seating for families to incorporate physical distancing. New gear has helped a shrinking budget, meaning there are now more resources for kids and families economically shaken from the COVId-19 fallout.

B&GC Hollywood

CALIFORNIA - After being shut down due to the pandemic for almost three months, this Boys & Girls Club opened back up with strict restrictions on play. For many sports, it meant only drills were allowed - but that required more gear than normal to limit the need to share. An equipment donation of balls and shin guards has helped more kids get onto the field safely!