Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of equipment is typically available?

We work with a variety of equipment manufacturers and distributors to source brand-new equipment, footwear, and apparel. Depending on availability and access, we will do our best to meet the majority of your top equipment needs over the five-year partnership period.

Is there any equipment that is difficult for Good Sports to donate?

Good Sports is committed to supporting organizations with the equipment needed to get kids physically active. While Good Sports has access to a diverse selection of equipment, apparel, and footwear there are items that we do not typically donate. Items such as computers/tablets, cardio machines, stationary bikes, playground structures, bleachers, new turf/sodding/flooring and other similar large-ticket items are usually not part of the donations we are able to distribute.  

How many items am I able to request per donation?

The size of each donation is determined by your organization’s current or upcoming seasonal needs, as well as the availability of equipment from our equipment partners. You can request as many items as you would like, as long as quantities requested correlate directly with the number of athletes you work with (for example, we cannot donate 100 pairs of pants to an organization with only 50 athletes).

Am I required to report any information back to Good Sports after I receive my donation?

Yes. One month after each donation is received, organizations are asked to complete a brief online evaluation form which asks for information, pictures, and quotes regarding how the donation impacted your organization. Your feedback directly helps you and other programs by providing us with vital information as we continue to request support from our partners. Completed evaluations are required in order to receive your next donation from Good Sports.

Additionally, organizations will be required to submit an annual impact report that details the impact that year’s donation(s) had on your organization, and your kids. This impact report should include pictures of your young people using/wearing the new equipment. This is your opportunity to share your story of impact! Annual impact reports will be required to continue receiving donations through the five-year partnership. Good Sports will provide organizations with an annual impact report template that you may choose to use. 

Finally, organizations must commit to publicizing Good Sports’ support. Organizations can post about the impact of the donation on their social media channels, send photos to Good Sports of your youth with using the donated equipment,  or reach out to local media outlets to share about the donation and the impact. 

What is the administrative fee for my organization?

The administrative fee is based on the number of youth your organization serves: 

Am I able to pay the administrative fee over time?

Payment of the administrative fee will be required before your first equipment donation. Your Good Sports representative will work with you on details should your organization have any questions.

What is the timing of the donations?

Timing of donations will depend on which months your organization offers programming for youth and what your organizations seasonal equipment needs are. Your Good Sports representative will work with you to schedule donations on a timeline that fits best with your programming. 

If my organization is not approved, when will be the next opportunity to apply? 

Good Sports is committed to ensuring that the new support model is sustainable and scalable. Our priority is to use our available resources responsibly and equitably, and to be as responsive as possible to the current portfolio’s equipment needs. We will only grow the portfolio as we have resources to support additional organizations. The next application window is likely to open early in 2024, however we may open the application earlier if resources become available. Updates will be posted to the Apply page.

If I am a local organization, am I able to pick up the items from your warehouse and avoid paying the administrative fee?

In order to be fair to all organizations that we work with throughout the United States, we are unable to waive the administrative fee for any organization, regardless of their location. These fees allow us to take care of shipping costs and coordination associated with each donation, and ultimately help us maintain essential operating costs required to continue the work we do each and every day. 

My organization has multiple locations/chapters. Can my network organization apply and gain access to the portfolio with one application/approval?

Network Organizations that operate multiple locations/chapters, including school districts, are invited to apply for the Good Sports Portfolio program as individual locations/chapters/schools.  This allows Good Sports to provide equipment support for youth in the highest need areas, ensures fidelity to our model and commitment to those communities.

We hope this answered questions you may have! If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at and a Good Sports team member will respond as soon as possible.