We’ve heard #BecauseOfSports stories from folks who have made a living playing sports, like Jesse Palmer, Chris Archer, and Christen Press, or from those who work in the sports industry, such as Crane Kenney, Kathryn Tappen and Glenn Ordway.

Christen Press

Sports change lives in thousands of ways.  Whether they determine your career path or are a fun way to stay active from day to day, #BecauseOfSports kids and adults make friends, are healthier, and learn important life skills like teamwork, leadership, and accountability. Some of our own staff sat down to tell us their #BecauseOfSports stories. Join the conversation by sharing your stories and photos with the #BecauseOfSports hashtag on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

 1. Because of sports, I have been able to meet people from all over the world, allowing me to develop new perspectives, make lasting connections, and experience entirely new environments and sports cultures. – Aaron

2. Playing three team sports throughout high school not only provided a great platform to learn teamwork and leadership skills, but it influenced me to see everyone in my life – co-workers, friends, family – as teammates. Wonderful results happen when people support each other and work together to accomplish goals, and the chance to learn that through sports has had immeasurable impact on how I live every day. Because of sports, I am a life long teammate. – Rebecca

3. Because of sports I have gotten through some pretty rough points in my life. Sports gave me a new family and friends to fall back on when my own was falling apart. Those friends are still my rock to this day and have become my second family that I stay with every time I go back to CT. I will forever be grateful to Granby Travel Basketball for bringing us together. – Heather


4. Because of Sports I know the importance of ‘Buying In’ and doing whatever it takes for the TEAM to win. In 2011, my Junior year of college, my team was the underdog, but through all of us buying into each other, our coaches, and our system we pulled the upset and won the National Championship. Through this experience I understand the importance of everyone pulling the rope in the same direction all for the same cause. Which translates into Good Sports and our mission Get All Kids In The Game! We all have to work together, trust the process, and buy in! – Melissa

5. Because of sports, I learned how to be part of a team. The rugby team was my family at college; we trained, studied, ate meals, and socialized together. After graduation, the first thing I did was find a women’s club in Boston. Being part of a team is the ultimate way to hold yourself accountable: everyone is working full time at some seriously cool jobs in addition to training multiple hours a day. When you’re around 30 or 40 people working that hard, you can’t help but work hard too. – Alessandra


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