With COVID-19 implications, it should come as no surprise that the Good Sports team is working from home. Even with how COVID-19 has changed our society for the foreseeable future, our staff is still working every day with our grantees to create access in youth sports through equipment donations. You can read more about our overall COVID-19 response here. We are still accepting new grant applications and putting together future equipment donations for programs once play is back.

We’re just doing all this from our own homes.  

The Good Sports team is still going strong, so we a few of us wanted to take a moment to say, “Hi” and share what we’ve been up to. Spoiler Alert: it’s a lot of Netflix recommendations! 

Associate, Community Partnerships

Favorite Work From Home Snack: Pretzels with hummus
Recommendation of What to Watch: Fleabag on Amazon Prime
Personal Mantra as You Work Through This: Just keep swimming! 

Manager, Community Partnerships

Favorite Work From Home Snack: Larabar
Recommendation of What to Watch: Netflix’s Nailed It!  We all need a laugh these days and this baking show checks the box.
Personal Mantra as You Work Through This: One day at a time 

Manager, Corporate Partnerships

Favorite Work From Home Snack: homemade Chex mix, extra bold
Recommendation of What to Watch: Netflix’s Atypical
Personal Mantra as You Work Through This: Seriously, what was so wrong with the old math? 

Senior Director of Fundraising & Business Development

Favorite Work From Home Snack: Goldfish
Recommendation of What to Watch: Self-Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker on Netflix
Personal Mantra as You Work Through This: “A problem is a chance for you to do your best.” 

Marketing & Social Media Associate

Favorite Work From Home Snack: This week I polished off a bag of kettle popcorn in about two hours
Recommendation of What to Watch: Netlfix’s comedy Sick Note and Hulu’s Reprisal
Personal Mantra as You Work Through This: One day at a time! 

Associate, Community Partnerships

Favorite Work From Home Snack: I have been having a lot of clementine’s for some odd reason.
Recommendation of What to Watch: HBO’s True Detective Season 1 and Season 3 (Not Season 2)
Personal Mantra as You Work Through This: New day, new purpose. 

Director of Logistics & Distribution

 Favorite Work From Home Snack: Honey nut cheerios with berries
Recommendation of What to Watch: Smart TV to go to YouTube and watch Jeff Lynne, Dhani Harrison, and Joe Walsh – Something. Great guitar work!
Personal Mantra as You Work Through This: Every new day brings us closer to a return to a new version of “normal”

HR & Operations Manager

Favorite Work From Home Snack: Loving everything cereal lately – anything honey or almond will do just fine to satisfy my munchies
Recommendation of What to Watch: Self Made with Octavia Spencer on Netflix
Personal Mantra as You Work Through This: Prioritize the work and my colleagues during work hours but try very hard to walk away at “closing time” and prioritize my family, myself and my pooch in this pic who is loving everyone being at home.
Alyssa wants to give her dog Mo the spotlight because he’s been an extra good boy now that the whole family is home.

Chief of Staff

Favorite Work From Home Snack: Whatever my preschool chefs make that day
Recommendation of What to Watch: The Voice, because the competition among singers and coaches reminds me of sport. Love seeing someone doing their craft to the best of their ability and improving every day
Personal Mantra as You Work Through This: If you feel overwhelmed by the work that needs to get done, remember you are fortunate to have work to do

That’s us in a nutshell! From everyone at Good Sports, we hope you and yours are staying healthy at home. Just a reminder that we are still accepting applications and equipment requests.

We’re still working as hard as we always have and continue to adapt to new situations. Just a reminder that we are still accepting new grant applications and holding items for equipment requests. Once play is back, we’ll get to work on shipping these items out to youth programs. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with everything we’re doing. Stay strong and stay healthy!

You can apply for a Good Sports grant here.