A New Level Of Goodness

Volunteers are a major lifeline for a nonprofit. They are representatives, supporters and donors. Keeping a volunteer engaged is like locking in a friend for...

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Safety On The Playing Field With ZOLL

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can happen to anyone, at anytime, without warning. On or off the field, be it a coach or a child, SCA...

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Volunteering: From Compassion To Action

Do your 2019 resolutions include volunteering? It seems so in Chicago, at least!

A recent Pick & Pack in Chi-town came with a total of $113K...

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Companies Having Philanthropic Responsibilities

It’s no secret that there is value in a company having philanthropic responsibilities. Whether the impact is local or more widespread, showcasing your corporate team’s...

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A lot of great things have gone down in 2018 here at Good Sports, but we'll give you the short and sweet of it!

Wrapping Up 2018

Good Sports had a busy 2018. We met and surpassed goals, hung out with tons of awesome kids, and expanded our mission’s reach. These moments...

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15 Years Later: Witnessing Impact At Home

We work hand-in-hand with programs all over the country, so our team travels a lot. In just the fall alone, we had folks in Texas,...

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